LIGHTEN UP: 30 Days To Shift Your Body With Carol Reinlie!

Humor can shift anything a lot quicker than just about anything else. Are you ready to laugh your a*s off (maybe literally – depending on your desire) over the next 30 days? Would you like to come play and see what beautiful shifts can show up for you and your body? 

What if the key to shifting anything in our sweet bodies is very different from what we may “think?” There is so much judgment around eating, food, exercise and our bodies in general. I noticed several years ago when my parents were both having some pretty serious health challenges, that no matter how intense the issue, they both were able to shift back to health pretty quickly because of their sense of humor. 

As an energy healer and someone who is always asking for shifts in my own body, I noticed that when my clients asked for something lightly and let it show up however it happened to show up– that weight loss, body shifting and release of certain symptoms occurred easefully. 

WARNING: This class could bring about weight loss, uncontrollable laughter, fun of immense magnitude or complete life or body change. You may need to purchase a new wardrobe after experiencing some of the side effects of this class. Proceed with extreme caution! Results will vary depending on your ability to embrace fun.

Ready for shift? Click below to join us! You will get an email to play with daily for 30 days, 2 calls, clearings, handouts and a Facebook group where we can share and ask questions.  

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Carol Reinlie is an Access Consciousness facilitator, energy healer, creative marketer, intuitive, radio show host, best-selling author and speaker. She has the fabulous passion of helping entrepreneurs map out growth strategies for their businesses, be social, share their brand and expertise, get more traffic and leads and give to their communities. She has done stand-up comedy and uses humor as a way to help people embrace what is possible in their lives.  

Carol uses Access Consciousness bars/body processes, ESB, intuitive guidance, humor and other tools to quickly get her clients out of stuck mode and into joyful expansion in their lives and businesses. She has been an entrepreneur for almost 21 years and has been in the marketing and creative arenas for close to 30 years.

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