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We tap into patterns that are not working and shift them with ease. Ninety percent of what happens in our world happens via the subconscious. Let's quickly get you on the road to your best life. 


Quantum Facilitation

Carol taps into the quantum field and moves you exponentially toward greater possibilities. Are you truly ready for what you are asking for? This 90-minute session can open up what you are truly asking for. 

Reiki Session  

Carol taps into your energy field and enhances your balance and body experience via Reiki. This can be an in-person or remote session via Zoom. 

Access Bars, Body Processes or Energetic Facelift

Desire ease and change in your body and being? Carol senses what is required and uses the processes to assist your body and being. This is an in-person session.

VIP Laser-Focused Business Coaching

Grow your business with targeted ease via a laser-focused set of coaching sessions. This is for the person or entrepreneur who is looking for quick shifts and implementation.

Possibilities, Coaching, Energy Healing
Access Bars, Body, Energetic Facelift
Strategy, Coaching

Working with Carol was so much better than I expected! 

- Debbie S -