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Lining Up With Your Desires

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Chances are you may have made to-do lists, looked around to see what everyone else was doing, chanted incantations, spoke daily affirmations, aligned your chakras, bought some crystals, looked at the stars to see if they were aligned, looked at your horoscope or any other thing you thought would bring you what you want. Sometimes all or some of it may have worked. Other times, you wondered if the stars were just not aligned in your favor. 

These days, we are in a much higher set of frequencies. So, all those things you may have done in the past might not really work right now. What does this increased energy mean? Well, the whole ask and it is given thing goes much faster. You ask and the universe triggers either what you ask for or the awareness that your energies are not currently aligned with all your asks You know all is in sync when what you ask for comes to fruition right before your eyes – sometimes in a way much greater than you expect. If not, you may have gone to one of those "what the h*##" moments - wondering if the world is just against you. 

The world is not against you. In fact, it always has your back. The universe just shows us the ways we are not aligned with what we desire. How cool is that? Then, we can ask more questions, shift some energies and be in total alignment so what we desire can show up. Remember, you are only just a energy shift away from all your desires. Keep asking, tweaking and stepping into all your dreams. If you would like some assistance in making all your life and business dreams come true, you may want to check out my group Unimaginable Futures 8-Week Intensive. It may be all the shift you need to pull in all your dreams. If not, keep going! Get ready for your beautiful future that is ripe for the picking! 

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Carol Reinlie Best-selling author and expansion strategy coach has the fabulous passion of expanding businesses and people.